Sunday, March 28, 2010

Only in Southpark

Only in Southpark will you see a group of middle aged men gathered around a new Chevrolet supercharged muscle car owned by Rick Flair. Melanie and I rode our bikes to the Harris Teeter today to get some bacon and after we locked our bikes up on a light post (still no bike rack at the Morrocroft Harris Teeter) we saw a beautiful Chevrolet supercharged Camaro being shown off to a group of guys by some guy in his late fifties or early sixties. He turned it over and it made that awesome "woom" noise only an American muscle car makes when it fires up. As it idled that car was humming beautifully and he popped open the hood. We walked over and ooo'ed and ah'ed with the rest of them and he smiled like he was showing off his new baby. I heard a passerby shout out "Nice car, Rick" and I realized this was Rick Flair. Kinda cool, I thought. He closed the hood and shut the car off and Melanie and I walked inside the store and he went to get some coffee at Starbucks. We caught him driving off after we got our bacon. I then remembered I had my camera in my backpack and popped off a few shots of this beautiful car. I'll have to ask Glenn the Car Guy to tell me for sure whether that car is a Camaro. It has to be, I can't think of what else it would be. He'll know. He'll probably poop himself when he sees the pictures.

Rick Flair's Supercharged Chevrolet 1

Rick Flair's Supercharged Chevrolet 3

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