Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Friends 4ever
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I met these two yahoos out for a few beers last night. We met at Duckworth's a bar I hadn't been to before. It was nice, they had Highland Gaelic Ale on tap. Any bar that has Gaelic on tap will be given a second chance by me. Since Chris (yahoo on the right) smokes we had to hang outside. That was cool, it was nice out last night. It was also fortunate because the two yahoos had a shouting match over Jesus. All in good fun, they took a break from the shoutin' to pose for this. I've never heard so many F-bombs during a religious argument. Yahoo on the left is Christian and yahoo on the right is an atheist. Why even have that conversation? Each one is very firm in their philosophy. And drunk. Very, very drunk. They started in the afternoon while playing golf and were still going strong when I arrived at 2145. At one point a couple of guys came out to smoke and asked the yahoos if they were still talking about religion. This conversation must have been going on for hours before I got there. Yikes.

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Mr. Nothingtodowiththetopic said...

With their heads so close together, they probably look like an ass from behind.