Monday, March 08, 2010

Carl loses his brains and a car goes airborne

Initially after Carl Edwards wrecked Keselowski I was pissed off. That was a dangerous wreck. I still say you should save crap like that for the smaller arenas but this article changed my mind a bit. As this guy likes to point out racing is more fun when the drivers duke it out a little bit. It was high speed bumper cars and flying fists that first brought NASCAR national attention so why not let it be? If this keeps up you might not want to sit on the first ten rows at a NASCAR race because you might get a lug nut in your eye. Once they lose that wing cars should be less likely to go airborne and everyone will be a little safer when a car gets turned around.

Kyle Petty just tweeted about the situation. He says Carl should be sat down for a week.

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