Thursday, February 25, 2010

My god, how did this happen?

Is this truly the same person?

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Xbox Live, where intelligence goes to die

Conversation on Xbox Live while playing Modern Warfare 2.

13yearold: You guys are invited to my birthday party. It's in my anus.
Me: Everyone thinks their anus is special, yours isn't.
12yearold: That's gross.
13yearold: You guys should come to my party. It'll be great...since it's in my anus.
12yearold: Dude, that's just not funny.
13yearold: It's a party, in my anus.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Everything sounds cooler in German. For example, over the shoulder boulder holder, the high school term for bra, translates into German as Über die Schulter Stein Inhaber.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Chris and Jerry Wedding

Chris and Jerry Wedding
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If they had a 1970s side burn contest my Dad, in this picture from 1975 or 1976, would be a contender.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hard Ass

Last night I watched the women's downhill and Lindsey Vonn's performance was awe inspiring. Because of her bad right leg she took at least one left turn with all the weight on her left leg and she finished the race essentially on one ski. She did all that and won the gold medal easily by a little over half a second. I know people love the snowboarding guy but her win last night was more meaningful to me. Still, I haven't seen an athlete dominate a whole field since freshman from the class of 1986 tried to tackle Cliff Both during football practice.
People are People

I really enjoy the Blogess' writing and her take on the recent Facebook login fiasco is very funny.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not Working

The airline I used for my short trip to Michigan over the weekend was Delta. Delta is one of the airlines that charges for checked in baggage. I checked a bag because it was too big, I thought, to carry on the plane. It turns out that what charging this fee has done is force passengers to carry on two bags. One of these bags they put under their seat and the other they put in a rack that then is lowered into the plane. Some passengers were carrying on bags much larger than they normally would so on my flight from Detroit to Traverse City the passengers and the flight attendants spent extra time stowing luggage under seats and in overhead compartments. This caused the flight to leave later and made an already cramped airplane even more so. I hereby judge the experiment of charging for checked in baggage a failure.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The fisherman and their pike

The fisherman and their pike
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Yesterday my Dad and I drove around the Clam Lake/Lake Bellaire area o f Antrim County to take some pictures. On Clam Lake we came across some young guys ice fishing. We asked them if they were catching anything and they produced this beautiful 25 inch pike. They were very proud of it.

Monday, February 08, 2010

The True Face of the American Far Right

Making political "jokes" about the death of a decorated American combat veteran. He supports the troops unless they disagree with him politically then he thinks it's funny when they die. How much you wanna bet this Twitter user is not a military veteran?
The Last DJ

Great article on Calvin Walker, a great DJ from Charlotte. I used to listen to his Deep Cuts show on WRFX and I had no idea Calvin died alone and broke. Very sad. This article was written by the guy who introduced me to Professor Longhair, which is about the nicest thing you can do for a person.
Super Bowl Commercials

Overall, they weren't all that great but the Betty White snickers commercial was fun for me. I've always liked Betty White.
The Cars on the Track go Round and Round

Saturday night I sat and watched the Budweiser Shootout. I first started watching it back in the early 90s. I liked it because it didn't last all day and usually featured some really good racing. You didn't have to worry about the journeyman drivers creating wrecks and could enjoy the best drivers duel it out in a nice quick hour or so of racing.

It's no secret that I think restrictor plate racing is stoopid and unnecessarily dangerous and that we are being cheated out of good racing because of the plates. I can't help but watch a race at Daytona in February. This Saturday we at least got to see plate racing with a sense of speed due to the largest plate size since 1989. When I saw the pack of cars come off turn 4 (yes, they are still in a big pack) what I saw was a pack of cars at least going fast at Daytona. Drivers were even lifting off the gas in turn 3. It was exciting.

It's obvious NASCAR is going to do nothing about the big packs and wrecks but at least they have freed the cars up a bit and allowed the drivers to have some control over their throttles. It was nice to watch a plate race that featured this thing called "racing" that has been missing from plate races recently. Now they can pass without having to wreck each other.

The highlight of the race for me was watching Tony Stewart move through the pack. Sometimes with him it's like watching Dale Sr. work his magic on one of the big tracks. Tony's got balls and skills and knows how to work the air out there. It's a great combination.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Old School Captain America

Old School Captain America
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I woke up too early yesterday and had a couple of hours to kill before work so I broke out the light box. I love this Captain America figurine. My favorite Cap is the one that is wearing combat fatigues while kicking the crap out of Nazis.

The Year's 50 Most Loathsome People

This list has been the best year end list of the year for several years now. Caution! Swear words and name calling!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Patience is a virtue, retarded grasshopper

My favorite users are the ones that panic when their prints don't start rolling out immediately after they go through the 'pay and release' process. It's especially awesome when they've been using the printing software literally for years and each time they have the same reaction.
That Orange Cat

This fall we had to put Gallagher, our cool cat down. Wendell and I adopted Gallagher back when we lived in the apartment famously known as The Bunker. He originally belonged to Granville and his girlfriend at the time. Gallagher was too rambunctious for their older cat Smokey so he was offered to us. We took him in and for seven years he was part of our household.

Cool things about Gallagher.

1) For years he and Wendell played a game. Whenever Wendell would come home from work Gallager would be waiting by the front door of the apartment. Wendell would arrive, open the door and Gallagher would rush the door in an attempt to get out. Near as I could tell, Gallagher won around 90% of these daily contests.

2) He was kind of a dick. When Wendell moved in sometime in 2001 he brought with him a cat called Jojo. Jojo's is one of those weird cats that some people think talk to the devil. When she looks at you it's obvious that if you ever died at home she would be the first cat to start feeding on your body. She hated Gallagher more than she hates everyone else. After several months they met face to face on the back of the couch. They sniffed each and touched noses. For a couple of seconds it was a very cute "awww" moment and then Gallagher smacked Jojo on the side of the head. She hissed and ran into Wendell's room. Gallagher's favorite hobby until he got sick was cornering Jojo and sitting in front of her until she got pissed and attacked him.

3) He accepted some boundaries. People say you can't train a cat and from my experience I would agree. Gallagher was always always attempting to get outside. His nickname was Papillon. Once we moved into the house we are currently in I would take him outside when we were sitting on the back porch listening to music. I would plop down in my chair and hold him in my lap. As long as I kept one hand on him he would lay there and take in the sights and aromas of the backyard. He wouldn't struggle to get away and would hang for a good while. Eventually it would be too much and he would start to try and get off my lap but he never fought me when I would pick him up and take him back inside.

4) He was pliable. He liked to handled. I could pick him up over my head and put his face near the ceiling. All he would do is smell the ceiling. He didn't mind being held upside down. You could even rub his big belly. Any contact was good, all he wanted was attention and he didn't care how he got it.

Gallagher The Invincible Cat
Gallagher will mess you up

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Attention young people, we need your blood

A study has shown that young blood can reverse aging in mice. I need to start a blood for money exchange website. It'll be huge. Young broke college students selling their blood to old people. I'll be rich.
Super Cold

It was really cold the other day. The road outside our home was a sheet of ice. For a few hours it felt like a real winter.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Love them knife throws

there is nothing more satisfying than a knife throw kill in Modern Warfare 2. I need to practice this more.