Sunday, December 27, 2009

Highway Fever

After driving Allison around Charlotte for a few hours yesterday so she could relive her childhood memories, we rented a car and drove to Charleston, SC. We had discussed coming down today but I followed Chris' advice and left in the afternoon. Turned out to be an excellent idea. We arrived in Charleston about 8 pm, checked into our room and then cruised down to the battery. After walking around the park and smelling low tide we went to Vickery's for a late dinner. Vickery's is a great place. I had the Cuban Classic sandwich and it was spectacular. Melanie had the wings which she loved and Allison had a green tomato club sandwich. I think she enjoyed that.

The lades at Vickery's

Today we sightsee. We're going to see the Battery Park in the daylight and see some more of downtonw (I'd like to see the Citadel campus) and then head north to the beach and then back to Charlotte.

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