Thursday, November 12, 2009

Plate Racing is here to Stay

Wow, this answer by Brian France to a question by Scott Fowler guarantees continuing carnage at Talladega. He wants to keep the tight racing? It's not the aerodynamics of the cars that is the problem, it's the track. God, what a joke.

Q: In both races at Talladega this season, cars went airborne in the final laps. It was scary and dangerous, both for drivers and fans. What are you going to do about Talladega?

A: We certainly want to make sure from aerodynamic standpoint that cars don't become airborne, at Talladega or anywhere that occurs. But we have to remember that Talladega is a signature race for our fans to watch the best guys in the world really mix it up. That needs to remain.

We've got to do something on the aero – our [research and development center] is working on those cars going up in the air.

That's a problem. And we're going to solve that.

But the idea that Talladega is going to be something other than (what it is) – which is really, really close racing – my hope is it will always remain that.

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