Saturday, September 05, 2009

Mackinac Bridge

The morning after we camped at the KOA campground west of St. Ignace in Michigan's upper peninsula we made breakfast, packed up camp and headed south to the Traverse area. Before we crossed the Mackinac Bridge I got directions to a park where you could take bridges of the bridge. I'm happy with how these turned out.


Kevie Baby said...

Those are cool. Nice job.

Kevin said...

I like the way the top disappears into the mist.

Kevie Baby said...

This summer, my son and two guys from church went over the Golden Gate on our way to Southern California. We were all filled with anticipation as we rounded the bend approaching the bridge. It was the early evening, too, so the anticipation was really high.

Aidan and I were a bit disappointed. We looked at each other and said in unison, "The Mackinac is more impressive." Word for word.

I love that bridge.