Monday, September 07, 2009


My favorite bogus argument over health care is the socialism garbage. This from a county that has public roads, public transportation, publicly funded arenas for professional sports teams, publicly funded airports, medicare, social security, unemployment insurance, publicly funded schooling from K through PHDs and publicly funded public libraries but publicly funded health care would turn us into the USSR. What a joke, it's all about the insurance companies losing their profits. It's sickening.


ajp said...

Amen brother. But, ya know, it's like the weather. We all talk about it but nobody does anything, right? I did here them doing a thing on CNN about co-op insurance groups. I had been wondering if this was possible just the day before.

Kevie Baby said...

All of your examples are good ones. However, there are also examples in the private sector of what you mentioned. I think people are freaking because they are perceiving an end to private options (or a potential end) and THAT is what has them all worked up.

Me? I think it all reflects a bigger problem in the American entitlement mindset. Me, me, me and my rights.... So let's fix this thing, and let the legislators revisit a few laws that allow the monopolies, see a little competition enter the picture, potentially (yes, I said potentially) see the cost go down, and THEN see if it needs a complete overhaul.

And maybe a complete overhaul is needed. But the fewer the choices (and the more of them that are entirely governmentally run) we have, the more our nation stops resembling the free market, capitalistic democracy that was created by a bunch of guys who disliked being told by the government that they had no choices in their own lives.

And, I wish I had better insurance, and could afford to pay for it. But the key is: I want to pay for what I want.

(You know, Ed. Blowing out your knee and not being able to do anything but read blogs, post responses, read the news and play silly online games has its advantages!)