Monday, September 14, 2009

The Carolina Panthers

Wow, you know, I do get homesick sometimes but the Panthers don't have to play like the Lions just to make me feel more at home. Or, as the Charlotte Observer put it, the Panthers were back in playoff form yesterday.

I've been saying ever since his meltdown in Seattle in the playoffs in January of 2006 that Jake Delhomme isn't the answer at quarterback. He's a legitimate NFL quarterback and he's won us some big games with just his guts but I think it's over now. Sure, he was facing a touch rush yesterday and anybody would have had a bad day but even when he had an open receiver and time to throw he threw well behind his intended target. When the team was falling behind he tried to force a pass to Steve Smith that was sad to watch and later, during that screen play, he threw blindly into traffic. He's got the tools to be a great quarterback but I think he's had his shot. I don't care if they start Moore or McCown just as long as they don't start Jake. Make him sit out like McNabb did last year and maybe he'll come back pissed off and fired up. I'd love to see that. I'd love to see the old Jake who was a gamer and a winner. What is going on now on the field is just depressing.

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