Saturday, August 29, 2009

NFL to increase its regular season to 18 games?

If you lengthen the season you will have to expand the rosters and that will dilute the talent. Already you have the Panthers wondering where they will get a legitimate defensive tackle to replace our injured starter and you have the league considering lengthening the season? Don't make sense. Hopefully the NFL won't go the way of NASCAR and lengthen the season merely for revenue. What has this practice brought NASCAR? Lower ratings and what some have labeled a step back in competition.

16 games is already too many when a running back is considered old at 30. The abuse the bodies of these players absorb is already creating 40 year old invalids. Each time these athletes crash into each other it's like being in a car wreck. Expecting the players to take that pounding for another two regular season games is unrealistic.

Not only will you dilute the talent but you will risk losing some of the star power of some players. Football teams are already large. You have 22 starters and some teams, like the Panthers, that essentially have two feature running backs to go along with their kicker, punter, punt return specialist and kick off kickin' specialist. You expand the season and expand the rosters you are going to tax my already overwhelmed brain. How many player names am I going to have to memorize to follow the modern NFL game?

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