Monday, August 24, 2009

More Vacation

After we left out from the campground in Two Rivers, WI we drove northwest to Green Bay. Since we were denied our visit to Wrigley Field due to a flat tire we were determined to see Lambeau Field. Green Bay is not a very big city and Lambeau is much easier to get to than Wrigley. Parking is readily available in the stadium parking lot and a gift shop is open. You can even pay around ten bucks for a tour of the stadium. Since we needed to be at the Straits of Mackinac that afternoon we just walked around the outside of the stadium, went inside the gift and the atrium. Lambeau if a beautiful structure and the gift shop is huge. You can get just about anything with the famous Green Bay "G" on it there. I now wish I had bought a hat. They had a great selection of headgear there.

This is a view of the atrium. This glassed in area is attached to the stadium. To the left is the gift shop and you can see two statues in front of the atrium. The statue on the left is Vince Lombardi and the one on the right is of Curly Lambeau. I believe he is the same Lambeau for whom the field is named.

Curly Lambeau wearing the first bronzed sweatshirt I have ever seen.

The statue of Vince Lombardi. You can see a tour group in the background. There is a tour scheduled about every half hour and they were doing a brisk business selling tickets for the tour.

The famous Lambeau facade. What we liked about this place is that the stadium was still called Lambeau and the franchise had sold naming rights to the gates. We saw three gates and each one was sponsored by a corporation.

Inside that atrium there were these nice banners honoring former Packer greats.

This narrow shot of the bleachers and an entrance is as close as I got to seeing the playing field. You had to pay for the tour to see the field and we didn't have enough time to take the tour. I asked at the customer service desk if it was possible to just duck inside and see the field and I was told that that would be unpossible. I doesn't hurt to ask, I guess. Too bad. A quick glimpse and a few quick pops with the camera would have made a great time even better.

After leaving Lambeau and Green Bay we heading north east to the Wisonson/Michigan border and a beautiful drive along the northern coast of Lake Michigan.

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