Friday, August 28, 2009

More Michigan Trip

After we left Green Bay we crossed the Wisconsin/Michigan border and followed Highway 2 along the northern coast of Lake Michigan. Our first touristy stop was the breakwater and lighthouse in the town of Manistique. You can see the breakwater below. The lighthouse is on the right arm.

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The breakwater has no guard rails and is sketchy in spots but people walk on it so the city provides the sign you see Melanie standing next to.

This is me out on the breakwater. I believe I am pointing at a UFO.

According to a sign on the beach this town was a big logging town like many towns in that part of country back in the early 1900s. When sawdust would accumulate it would be loaded onto barges and dumped into the lake. The sign informed us that sometimes you could see a soupy-like water and that it was caused by this sawdust rolling onto the shore. Sure enough, next to the breakwater I could see this dark soupy water and you could tell it was carrying sawdust. I guess there are tons and tons of sawdust laying offshore and it's going to be rolling in for a long time.

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