Saturday, August 22, 2009

Hi There

Melanie and I got back safely from vacation yesterday. We spent the previous night in a cozy Best Western in Caldwell, OH. I randomly surfed the internet and stitched together some panoramas I took in Michigan and Melanie indulged herself with some channel surfing. It was a sweet little vacation from vacationing.

The first time I broke out the camera during vacation was during a short stop in a beautiful burg called Manitowoc, WI. It's on the western coast of Lake Michigan and when we passed through town Lake Michigan appeared and we stopped to see the view. There was a fog rolling in.

We camped a few miles up the coast at Point Beach Forest State Park. We got set up pretty quick.

We walked down the beach around sunset and we were blown away again by the beauty of Lake Michigan. The picture below is the view looking north. We took off our shoes and waded in the ice cold lake and washed away all the stress of that flat tire incident in Chicago.

Stretching across the horizon was the front wall of the fog that had eventually moved offshore. As the sun set the wall of mist turned pink. A miles long pink wall shone for a few minutes in the last light. I should have run to get my tripod so I could really capture it but I was afraid to leave and miss it.

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