Thursday, July 09, 2009

Is her serious?

OK, we proctor tests here at the library. Some of the tests are taken using a pen and paper. We receive emails from universities, we print the tests out, administer them and fax them to the schools. Other tests are taken on a university's Blackboard system. The student logs in and finds his test and we type in a password which is emailed to us from the school. Today's password which needed to enter was Jones3123. What I didn't realize (and I don't know how I possibly could) is that the period at the end of the password was...part of the password! I contact the teacher and he says "Did you enter the period? It is part of the password." I walk over the to the PC at which the student is sitting and enter the password with the period on the end. Of course it works. Am I crazy or is including a period at the end of a password and expecting someone to not think it's merely the end of a sentence a little stupid?

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Kevin said...

How about getting called out to a welder with the complaint- My check fixture is broken, the message says 'hole missing fault' I walk out to troubleshoot and find out that the part is missing the hole that the fixture looks for is indeed missing.
The world is full of dumb people, they work in factories and visit the library.