Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Squirrels 2, me 0

I bought that new squirrel feeder and within hours they had knocked it off the tree, pried the door open and had the brick of corn on the ground and were tearing it through like a bunch of blue sharks hitting bait put out by a National Geographic camera crew. Now I have secured the feeder better, raised a few feet off the ground, and secured the door with a twist tie. If they go through this brick as quickly I may just have to resort to squirrel murder.

Here's a couple of shots of one of the little ravenous bastards and the feeder.


My current batch of bird seed has sunflowers in it and that is a big part of the problem. This little creep is eating sunflowers off the ground below the feeder. I am going to have to start buying food that doesn't include sunflowers.

As a bonus here is the bunny we saw while walking to the Harris Teeter during lunch yesterday.


Mean Bastard said...

Nail his little gray ass to the wall with a giant spike. Set his corpse ablaze as a sign to his friends that this is not a squirrel friendly zone. Send a message.

Mike said...

I suggest this:

Seen it in action. Sure it is expensive, but it works.