Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's gonna get crazy

While sitting in the teen writers meeting tonight one of the kids got a text message from her friend telling her Michael Jackson had just died. Mitchel, our visiting college student, opened his laptop and confirmed Jackson had been admitted to a hospital, that he wasn't breathing, that he was in a coma and then, finally, dead. That made tonight's prompt for the writing exercise pretty easy. We picked a random word for each person and whatever that person wrote had to be about that word and had to mention Michael Jackson. What the kids wrote went from respectful and touching to downright offensive. I was happy with the results.

Jackson is the biggest celebrity to die since Princess Diana. For the next 48 hours you are going to get to watch the people of the United States lose their collective mind. Sit back and enjoy. It's gonna be a freak show.

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sht musik said...

Freak show, huh? Why should his death be any different than his life? MJ was a walking advertisement for the truism, "You can't buy happiness". I would add, "You can, however, RENT happiness at exorbitant rates."

I would love to have an idea what the young writers came up with that was so offensive, and to who(m).