Monday, June 22, 2009

He pales when compared to a great leader

One of my favorite far right blogs is this mess called The Autonomist. The blog is best described as "if you don't agree with us then you hate America." Today I saw this post and almost had a stroke. I guess what Rocco is saying is that Bush would have used this situation to spew his usual rhetoric about liberty and freedom while really doing nothing to ensure that the people of Iran were moving toward liberty and freedom. I think after completely dropping the ball in Iraq it's probably a good thing that the people of Iran waited to rise up until after Bush was out of office. The kind of help he would have liked to have sent would have possibly resulted in 50,000 dead Iranians.

With Rocco implying that Obama is not putting his face out front and Bill Bennett essentially saying Obama is not doing his job I say we should think back to the hostage incident with the pirates. Some thought Obama wasn't involved in the crisis. By involved they meant what Rocco and Bennett are saying now. They were and are saying that Obama needs to appear on televsion and condemn the acts of the Iranian government. What happened when he stayed behind the scene during the hostage crisis? The face of that crisis became the captain of that ship, not President Obama. I think he is doing that now. Right now the symbol of the uprising in Iran is the people in the streets being murdered by their own government. I can guarantee you that Obama is on top of this situation. Just because he isn't on television telling us how good of a leader he is doesn't mean he isn't leading. A great leader doesn't have to tell us over and over again how hard his job is, he does his job.

Naturally, Talking Points Memo does a great job showing the nonsense of some and the thoughtfulness of others in one of their videos. John McCain's performance is especially embarrassing. I don't know how his head didn't explode since he's the same person that once sang "Bomb Iran." Truly he does care deeply for the Iranian people.


ajp said...

Hey, I would recommend The Young Turks for a pretty decent take on some of the issues. The other extreme stuff, what can ya say?

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Bomb Iran - The Music Video