Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bob Dylan Redux

Both Kevin and Alan have expressed a disinterest in Bob Dylan's later output. Personally, I'm confused. Since his 1997 album Time out of mind he has been on what many, myself included, consider a roll. I think it has more to do with not giving these newer albums a listen than any lapse by Dylan. He certainly isn't as great as he used to be. Who could expect anyone to match the manic output of his 20s? As he wrote on his great 2001 album Love and Theft:

"she said...
'As great as you are a man,
You'll never be greater than yourself.'
I told her I didn't really care."

He's still touring, still putting out quality albums and if you aren't giving him a chance then you are depriving yourself of some good listening. The song below is called Nettie Moore and it's off his 2006 album Modern Time. I like it.

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ajp said...

I have listened to Time Out of Mind and everything since (I think) and like the Boss and JC Mellencamp I hear only an echo of their former greatness. Like I wrote before, the Stones Sweet Neo Con was such a pleasant surprise from the old guys. Other than that one song I really don´t care for almost anything after the Stones´ Hot Rocks album. Another person who I have lost interest in is E (or Eels) who had a string of catchy, meaningful songs some years ago. His last album I am trying to get into but I just don´t hear the songs there. I don´t think I´m being fickle. I think Kevin is right that "making it" changes these artists irreversibly. Or maybe they just get "in the zone" like a sports player who is on a streak and produce all this great music and then the streak kinda dies down. Who knows? Not me.