Saturday, May 30, 2009

Squirrels 1, me 0

Squirrels 1, me 0
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OK, he won. He beat me, trounced me, walked all over me. I tried everything except murder to keep this squirrel out of my bird feeders. Nothing worked. He always came back. Each time he came back he devastated my bird feeders. I surrendered yesterday and went to Lowe's and bought me a squirrel feeder. He spent a good hour there yesterday evening munching away. He was there this morning as I left for work. He'll probably be there tonight when I get home. Now that he doesn't have his face buried in a bird feeder he's actually cute and fun to watch. He will stay cute and fun to watch just as long as he stays out of the bird feeders.

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Dances with fat girls said...

You stopped short of the one thing that would solve your problem. You have to catch him alive, waterboard him until he gives you some intel and then display his corpse for the other squirrels to see. These creatures only understand one thing.