Thursday, May 14, 2009

One Planet is not Enough

I present to you a tribute to the gazillions of lifeforms that have been decimated by the rays from the black hole of a killer galaxy.

I win.


Kevin said...

There is no such word as gazillion. Even if there were, this is a stupid competition. Almost as dumb as the "How many pictures of dorks waving flags can we collect" competition. The very fact that we are wasting our time on this shows the world how sad and pathetic we are. If it weren't for sympathy and alcohol, we would still be virgins.

Ed said...

Sad and pathetic? I thought it was fun. You're just being pissy because I won.

Kevin said...

Yes it was fun. I wouldn't say you won. I was ready to post a Britney Spears video which is more destructive than anything you could ever dream up. A buizagillion more times in fact.