Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Johnny Pissoff

Today Michael Blipped a song from Blip.fm. I guess he then subscribed by my account and it showed up in my inbox. I had forgotten I even had an account on this sit. In fact, I had forgotten this site even existed. I went back and looked it over and saw that it has a good selection of music and you can embed songs at it has "The Illiad" by Ed Sanders. All you need to know about Sanders for starters is that he was in the Fugs.

I first heard "The Illiad" on a compilation album called "Big Red Ball." It had a bunch of wacky stuff on it but this song stood out. It's still one of the funniest pieces of social commentary I have ever heard. I know I played this for Kevin and Kevin back in high school. I don't remember if they were impressed or not.


Kevin said...

That is odd Ed because I was just looking for Johnny Pissoff the other day. I remember you played that song for me back in the day and I remembered that Ed Sanders did it. While I was searching, I learned he was with the Fugs. Get out of my head!

Unknown said...

Crazy, man.