Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Today We Walked

I am currently slowly getting rid of the cold that has been kicking everyone's ass around here for the last month. I've never had a cold hang on for so long. Super bugs! It's the future. Soon we will all just be sick from October until June. Like the bold print above says, we went for a walk today. I took the new camera of course. I love the spring light in Charlotte. It's so warm and cuddly.

Lichen on a tree!

The mighty oak to which the lichen clings

A mockingbird perched on a streetlamp

The statue of the lady that had the industrial accident and lost the top of her head which these people use as a planter

The dog with the deep scary bark

The most handsome dog in our neighborhood

The giant oak in our front yard

Melanie inspecting our recently installed raised bed garden. We're going to fill it full of plants this weekend

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