Monday, April 20, 2009

The Old House Down the Road

Last fall during a walk Melanie and I discovered this beautiful old abandoned house right down the road. It was a single story white ranch style house with black trim and it was built in 1948. It was on a spacious wooded lot and had a pond. We walked up and looked at it. It was run down but still had charm. We called it the Rat Pack house. It looked like someplace James Bond would stay and drink martinis in the early 60s. It was sitting abandoned because it was purchased by an entity called First Group Properties. Naturally they couldn't allow a beautiful old house surrounded by a couple of undeveloped acres go to waste so this winter they started tearing the house down and ripping out the trees. I went by today to take some pictures of what is left of my dream Rat Pack house. I took Isaac and it was muddy down there and he didn't like it one bit.

Here you can see what is left of the wrap around balcony on the side of the house. Dig the big ole chimney.

Look! Pink walls! How cool was this place? You can see some of what's left of the fireplace.


Some debris and a big ole truck.

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