Sunday, April 19, 2009

My College Basketball Fix

I think I should be in charge sometimes. I'm sure we all feel that way several times a day. I have a idea to make the NASCAR all star race better and I have a fix for college basketball.

I think any player should be allowed to play college ball even if he's been drafted by an NBA team. What you do is work out a rookie/college contract. So much money of that contract would be guaranteed if the player hurt himself in college. Players that are space aliens like Lebron James can still go straight to the NBA if they so wish. I'm thinking of players like Marvin Williams that could have used another year in of college ball and had the potential to be a great college player. If you wanted to deal with this realistically you could even allow a drafted college player to receive a small salary from his NBA contract. Something like $50,000 a year. Enough money to live on but not enough to live large. With this system in place I think you would see more teams like this year's UNC Tarheel team. A team of upper classmen playing together for more than one season. Everyone would win with this system. Players would get a longer college experience, college fans would have a better game and the NBA would receive more mature and better seasoned players for their league.

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