Monday, April 27, 2009

Hangin' on a Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday a few people came by for a leisurely afternoon of socializing and horse shoes. I'm really pleased with how the horse shoe pits are working out. It was a little confusing at times because we had two Mikes and two guys named Chris. We even had a little excitement when a car almost flew into the grandstands at Talladega. All of us outside thought Barry, Chris and Katie were messing with the rest of us when they started screaming like maniacs but it turned out they were not fooling around. I know I've mentioned it before but NASCAR could easily fix the restrictor place mess but they won't because plate racing is perfect for television. You can pretty much have the whole field on the screen at once because they are so bunched together. All they would have to do is lower the banking in turns 1 and 2 or put a chicane in the backstretch and your problem is solved. All of this noise from those in power at NASCAR saying that there is not much more they can do is complete bullshit. Don't lie to me, NASCAR, just go ahead and say you like restrictor plate racing because it creates big packs and wrecks and looks great on TV. Don't insult my intelligence by telling me you don't have the ability to fix it. I think it's time for the drivers to take a stand because the governing body isn't going to do anything about this.

Here's a few shots from yesterday

Wendell and Melanie's brother, Mike

Barry sitting by the second Mike's old record player. He played old 78s for us for a couple of hours. That was really fun.

Chris and Katie

Melanie chuckles quietly to herself

Mike and his record player

A closeup of the record player

Wendell surveys the horse shot arena

Brigham Hurls

Eye of the tiger

Wendell Hurls

Melanie and Mom

Debbie Hurls, Mike Observes

A Cobweb in the Sun

Isaac not long after barking at something

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