Thursday, April 02, 2009

Fox "News" Does a Hit Piece on the Library

Yeah, like I needed another reason to dislike the Fox Network and their horrid news division. Last night our local Fox affiliate ran this story. Be sure to watch the video, the way in which they edit Linda Raymond's comments is shameful. According to an official library communication here is all they left out of the story: "Library Collection Management Manager Linda Raymond did an extensive interview with FOX, but only a few seconds of that interview were aired. In the full interview, Linda explained the many reasons that we use specific vendors, including increased efficiency (saving staff time/cost), customer service, billing procedures, and the ability to buy large quantities of items at a discount before the release date so that patrons can have high-demand items as early as possible." I guess the reason they they edited her comments that way is that if they allowed her to speak for more than 5 seconds they would have no story.

I mean, c'mon Fox News. We all know you're a bunch of hacks but, geez, this story is everything that's bad about television news: it leaves out facts, it goes for emotion instead of accuracy and it is purposefully edited to cause a reaction in scary economic times. Maybe you can't get called up to the network unless you publicly spit on a valuable public institution or two.

I hope, if you live in Mecklenburg County and you are angry as I am after you see this sorry piece of journalism, that you take a few minutes to write a letter to the station. The library deserves an apology.


Mr. Wiseheimer said...

I am alarmed at how many copies of 27 Dresses the library purchased. Have 27 people seen that movie?

tom said...

So, does Kevin Ward still have a job?