Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Charlotte Tea Baggers

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Today there was one of them anti-Obama, uuuh, I mean, anti-big government demonstrations in Charlotte. I missed it, I had to work and, from what I understand, my taxes will be going to down in the next month or so (just like probably all of those at today's tea bag ceremony). I will say one thing, you have to hand it to the Republicans. it's pretty amazing that they were able to convince a bunch of laid off middle class workers to spend their afternoon protesting tax increases for the wealthy. Tax increases, from what I understand, still won't approach the rates that were paid during the Reagan years. Who knew that Reagan was a closet socialist?


Meri said...

Interestingly enough, Ed, I googled "teabaggers" and "charlotte" and this post was the first hit. I didn't know you were famous. (This is Meri, by the way)

dave said...

charlotte tea baggers (ctb), you guys want more money for more roads, less for transtit. Lets see clt built more roads, now with every rain it floods. so if we build more roads clt will be under water. smart thinking ctb'ers.
ctb = swallow thinkers