Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a Racket

A couple of months ago I had a moving violation, I ran a stop sign. It was my first violation in over ten years. For five years now I have been with the same insurance company and I haven't made a claim the whole time I have been with them. I have been paying $500 a year to insure my 1989 Honda Civic. I received in the mail yesterday my new policy for the year. My new rate is now $850 a year. I am shocked even though I probably shouldn't be. I know that in general $850 a year is less than many pay for insurance but my insurance is the bare minimum allowed by law, no collision. I think I might start an automobile insurance company because that is a great scam, and it's legal.

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Jessica B. said...

I'm with you Ed. I just had my first speeding ticket ever and now I'm waiting to see how much my insurance will jack up. Car insurance is the biggest scam going I think!