Sunday, March 08, 2009

What goes 'bang!' in the Night

Last night we were awoken by Melanie who had been awoken by the sound of a car wreck on the street that runs by our house. Wendell and our friend Barry had gone to a bar last night. Barry met Wendell here and they caught the bus to the bar. He went home via the bus and left his truck parked on the road. Around 3 am some assface barreled into Barry's truck with a red Chevrolet SUV. We rushed out to see if anyone needed any help and the SUV was empty. Hit and run. All that was left was the dust from the airbag and some really, really bad hip hop radio. I thought maybe it was a stolen car so some kid ran off. The cop said the keys were not in the car and the ignition had not been damaged so he thought it was the owner who will eventually call the car in stolen. That's why he's an American hero and not me.

Too bad the driver ran off because my friend's truck may have saved his life. The guy must have blacked out because he had to cross the center line to hit the truck and there were no skid marks. If the truck had not been there he would have smashed head on into a giant oak tree.

Another view of my scary flat top

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