Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Media Bias

It can be something we dwell on too much but I think it's those on the right that make more noise about perceived media bias and I think it something that needs to be said on occasion.

Everyone brings their own bias to anything they do but I can't think of any high profile media outlet as obviously and happily biased as Fox news. From what I understand an attempt at being unbiased and doing fair reporting is a fairly new idea in journalism. It was progressive or "lefist" ideals that brought about this new journalism and it's the right that is attempting to bring back yellow journalism. Someone needs to punch that Beck on Fox News right on the mouth. He's as dangerous as they come.

I've seen right wingers claim that NPR is biased and what you get on NPR is damn good reporting that presents both sides of a story. This is what Edroso is referring to. Right wingers get upset over NPR not really because of any bias but simply because they don't adhere to a right point of view. Right now, in the rhetoric of the right, fair reporting is being called biased and that needs to be pointed out.

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