Sunday, March 22, 2009

Left Wing Bias!!!

I've been trying to articulate for a while how I feel about the utter nonsense spouted by the far right concerning the so called leftist main stream media. I found today a perfect summation of my view on it. Roy Edroso calls it "the conservative rage over institutions which they perceive to be beyond their control and hence call biased." Dang, I wish I had said that.


Anonymous said...

O.K. I'll take the bait.

Of course they are bias. The history of American media (newspapers, radio, television, movies, etc.) is one of bias. It does not matter if it is right bias (as I would label FOX news) or left bias (as I would label ABC, NBC, or CBS).... they are biased.

I am not outraged by any of it. It is as it has always been. Our job, if you call it that, as news readers is to not take the hook, line and sinker of ANY media mogul's spin on the news, but sort through it all and be as objective as we can ourselves (oh, by the way. don't forget that we OURSELVES are biased!).

To sit and watch the great debate between media outlets over who is or isn't biased is a total distraction to the news itself. Watching the pot call the kettle black is not news, not newsworthy, nor even intellectually challenging. It is more of the same egocentric spew that shows how we Americans are so wrapped up in our own world.

But as long as we focus on the non-relevant issues the media wants us to focus on, the less we will address those that will make an impact for the greater good of our society, the world around us, and the world we will be leaving to our children. The more we focus on their agenda, the less we think. Bob Dylan said you gotta serve somebody.

If you keep your eyes on the pot and the kettle long enough, you won't even see the fire and the food, for which they were both made.

(P.S. Ed. The link to my blog page seems to be dead on your page)

Anonymous said...

Since when has that guy been so long winded?