Saturday, February 14, 2009

Vroom vroom

Tomorrow is the Great American Race, the Daytona 500. Of course, I work from 1 to 6 so I'll miss it. I might get to see the green/white/checker laps like a I did a few years ago when I had to work until 6 on the day of the 500. Generally the last few laps are going to devolve into bumper cars and I might get to see the end.

Sometime in 1996 I went to the Charlotte Motor Speedway with my friend, Jeff. He got us pit passes to a testing session during race week. and I have spent the last week scanning in the negatives of the photos I took that day. You can view the while set here and I included a few choice shots below. I have a few more to go and I'll post some of those when I get to them.

Ernie Irvan climbing out of his car. This was during his comeback after a horrible wreck in Michigan that almost took his life. I remember being surprised by how frail he was.
Ernie Irvan

Bobby Hamilton flies through the dogleg on the front stretch.
Bobby Hamilton Practices at CMS

The Chickenhawk, Mark Martin
Mark Martin at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Kyle Petty after climbing out of his car
Kyle Petty

Dale Jarrett
Dale Jarrett

Rusty Wallace in his old Miller Genuine Draft car heading into turn 1
Rusty Wallace MGD car

The Man Himself. He didn't climb out of his car in front of us. He took a hard left and went into the garage. That was a bummer, I was dying for a closeup of Dale.

Jeff Gordon is pretending to help push his car.
Jeff Gordon

Brett Bodine says, "Hello."
Brett Bodine

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Kevin said...

It's a shame you have to miss the race but you have access to the internet and can get live updates there. The highlights (wrecks) will be shown more than the Ronald Reagan assasination attempt so you won't miss a thing there. Restrictor plate racing has gotten boring. In fact most racing has gotten boring, it's the same 4 guys winning most of the races. Short track racing is still pretty exiting, too bad all the new tracks are Charlotte copies. Oops didn't mean to climb up on that soapbox there. I was trying to make you feel better about missing the race. Up here, Tina treats it like the Super Bowl and makes kick ass food all day.