Monday, February 02, 2009

Super Duper Bowl

Not much you can say about last night's game other than, "Wow." Any game that features two comebacks in the 4th quarter is going to be fun. Santonio Holmes made a catch to win the game that will allow him to show up in Pittsburgh at least twice a year, after he retires, and sign autographs at card shows for the rest of his life. Big time play, it was.

I thought Springsteen's performance was cool. Only he can do a fifteen minute set and make it feel like an encore. I could have done without the song he wrote for Obama. But, if nothing else, it pissed off people on the far right so I guess it was OK.

Michael Phelps and Reefer
I am enjoying all the false outrage and shock over this. You gotta love a culture that requires a statement by your people when you get caught taking a bong hit. I'm more offended by his incessant need to pull his swimsuit down to right above his pubes. Is that really necessary?

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Walter said...

I can't believe the Warner "fumble" wasn't reviewed by the booth. Terrible officiating IMO.