Monday, February 23, 2009

Really, can't we just let 'em die or take 'em out and shoot 'em?

These banks. I'll tell you what, a few years ago I got in over my head with a credit card. It was a Citibank card and once it got over $1000 they jacked the interest rate up to where all I could afford to do was pay the interest each month and when I fell behind they hounded me mercilessly. These banks can all go to hell. They are going to eat up billions of tax payer dollars and they will continue these immoral lending practice because our federal government is completely unable to grow the cojones to control the banks. It's obvious that we are unable to deal with this rationally because there are people concerned about the bankers being unable to make more than $500,000 a year. I think the comments on this Metafilter post sum things up well.

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