Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A New Bootleg Version of Revolution 1?

This story and the accompanying mp3 version of what they are talking about is fascinating. A Beatles song that almost no one has heard before! I'm stoked. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet but I will later tonight. If you missed it the link to the mp3 is at the bottom of the story.

I finally got a chance to listen to it and it's a lost classic, in my opinion. I read one article that said it makes a tight connection between the Revolution 1 and Revolution 9 on the White Album and that is a spot on assessment.


Anonymous said...

I have never been a fan of Revolution 9- I have not liked much Yoko did for the Beatles. Whenever I hear Rev 9, I think about that bus ride back from a HS football game when we had that driver that was missing a finger. You dragged out every 4,5 and 9 reference you had including Frodo. I seem to have strayed from my first thought. Let me see... back on track- By the time the White Album came around, the band had already been together too long and there were few Beatles songs, they were mostly solo ventures with 2 of the others doing backup work (remember by then Ringo was sort of like the 4 year old you let "help out" with a brake job. So this song to me is more of an early Plastic Ono Band song than a lost Beatles song. They released the best version of Revolution 1. I still enjoyed hearing it though.

Unknown said...

I think you won 4,5 and 9 battle that day. You saw a stand of trees and said you could cut wood there for 4 hours and get 9 cord of wood. I believe Leroy laughed for about five minutes after that one.