Saturday, January 24, 2009

More Fun with Time Lapse

Tonight I filmed the miniature dachshund, Isaac, while he lounged on the couch while we watched a little television. We have been watching the BBC mini series called State of Play and it's incredible. British television drama is so much better than what is on TV that is not HBO or Showtime that it's embarrassing.

A few things about the video

1) You may notice that Isaac is looking to the left a lot. He's looking at us. He loves people and he stares.

2) He leaves the couch for a bit. That is when Melanie is eating and he is coming over for a snack.

3) For a few seconds you see his butt. He is coming back for more food.

4) The camera took a shot every 15 seconds and the frame rate is 4 per second.

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