Tuesday, January 27, 2009

John Updike

As a librarian I feel it is my duty to say something in regards to the death of the great American writer, John Updike. It was two years ago that I read my first Updike book. I read the first book that featured his famous character, Rabbit. The novel is called Rabbit Run. I found his writing to be good almost beyond compare. It is so good that more than once I stopped reading and took a second to appreciate the genius of the writing. Like Steinbeck, not only is his skill at a level few of us ever approach, it is also accessible. Great writing doesn't have to be difficult, just great.

On CNN they said it looked like ants

You can see that famous satellite photo of the inauguration here.

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MC Aloha Zen Kiwi said...

We felt like ants, too. Cold, numb toed ants.