Monday, January 19, 2009

Ebert on Elevation

Roger Ebert is such a good writer. He can humanize and bring humor to the results of an experiment on human emotions. I quote below: "You could say elevation is Oprah's opiate of the masses, so it's fitting that she early on gave Obama her imprimatur. And that for his victory speech [she was] was up front in Grant Park, elevation's moist embodiment, feeling so at one with humankind that she used a stranger as a handkerchief."

neurologically intact

That is the diagnoses of Ravens' running back Willis McGahee after a vicious hit in the Ravens/Steelers game last night. That game was full of some really tough hits. Two tough ass defenses were pulling no punches. If you missed the brutality of the McGahee hit you can view it below. During the second replay of the hit you can hear the stadium's reaction to the replay being played on the big screens.

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