Sunday, January 11, 2009

Carolina Panthers vs the Arizona Cardinals

Not much you can say about last night's Panthers game other than Jake Delhomme must be made to fight for his job during the upcoming training camp this summer. Even the Detroit Lions would agree that five interceptions is inexcusable. I have not been a huge fan of Jake from the beginning. I was actually one of those people that thought we should have given Chris Weinke the job. I think Jake just doesn't have what it takes to be a premier QB in this league. He telegraphs passes (which leads to interceptions and balls batted down at the line), he tends to spazz out when he starts out bad and then he gets worse, and he doesn't lead his receivers when he throws to them (several times this year the team gained fairly short yardage on a pass that should have been a much bigger play because Jake threw the ball behind the receiver). This has been going on for years and I'm not calling for his head and I'm not a "Jake Hater" (which is what you can get called in this town for calling for Jake's benching) but it is really time to seriously consider his replacement or, like I said, announce that the position is open and force him to compete for the it.


Kevin said...

I started to watch that game last night and after Jake Delhome's third turnover, I gave up on it being an entertaining game. It should have been a closer game than it was but the Panthers never had a chance. I guess one placer can make a difference.

Vito Andolini said...

here here, fuck Jake!