Sunday, November 02, 2008


Yesterday was a cool day. Not weatherwise, it was actually in the lower 70's with a beautiful clear sky. I present the day in pictures.

First off I got this shot of Wendell awake before noon on a Saturday. Seeing that is like seeing bigfoot so we have a bigfoot on the run type shot of Wendell.

This is Gallagher. He thinks he runs this place. Right now he and the dachshund are in the middle of a power struggle.


It was a perfect day for farting around at various retail stores. Here we see local celebrity, Melanie, preparing to head out and face her public.

At Home Depot they had one of those silly Christmas villages on display. The little figures look pretty creepy closeup. They also look to be cheaply made. I'm guessing "Made in China" and are probably poisonous.


Next stop, Garden Ridge. But first let's pause for a self portrait in the back of a rear view mirror of the giant SUV we parked next to. Things in the mirror are not as fat as they appear.

Local Celebrity, Melanie, runs the gauntlet of paparazzi in the parking lot of Garden Ridge.


After Garden Ridge we went to the Roasting Company on Montford Drive. The Roasting Company is a great chicken rotisserie place that has been around for a long time. It is the local restaurant that I have visited the longest here in Charlotte. I started eating there in 1993. I hadn't been there in a while and I almost forgot how delicious their chicken on rice dish is. Man, I love that place.

Later in the afternoon we used some rope and a softball do knock down some dead limbs from the oak tree in our backyard. The project was a success and no one was injured. The One Big Loud Guy was here and after our yard work we shot some hoops.

Nothing but the bottom of the net.

After dominating the first game of Horse the One Big Loud Guy rests.

This is just before Melanie kicked mine, Chris' and Wendell's asses at Horse. She just walked outside and totally dominated the second game. That's wrong.

Wendell attempting to hypnotize the basket so more of his shots wills fall.

After the second game of Horse a slam dunk competition broke out. I won. Here we see the One Big Loud Guy jamming the ball home. Melanie observes.

Look at that son of a bitch sky!

Sometimes the ball bounces over the chain link fence and rolls down into the back corner of the yard. The yard slopes toward the back corner and that ball rolls and rolls when it hits the yard.

I get a little slam dunkin' action. Bam!

Another one. That is not my ass hanging, just my lower back.

Check out that form. Eyes on the prize.

Wendell gets rejected by the rim.

Chris almost tore the rim off with this dunk.

I leave with this shot of my amazing form while dribbling the ball.

Afterward we retired to the porch for a few drinks and some tunes followed by one of the worst movies I have ever seen, Poultrygeist. Avoid it at all costs. It's supposed to be a funny deconstruction of horror movies but it's actually just stupid. The first 45 minutes are watchable. After that I started looking for a way to hurt myself so I could go to the emergency room.

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Those are some scary looking whiteboy basketball playas!