Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Photo Essay of Obama Campaigning

After seeing this set of photos I am really confident in my view of Obama as a president that is more in contact with what it means to be an average American than we've had in that office since the last one to be born in a log cabin. Too early for Lincoln comparisons? OK, how about since that president that told us we didn't have to be afraid?

What is disturbing to me is the resistance to Obama on the far right. Guys like this are still spouting unfounded rumors of Obama's "socialist agenda" or "communist agenda." Two mutually exclusive ideas, from what I understand, but facts are not necessary with this garbage. Not only that, but this congressman also compared Obama to Hitler. This insanity has to stop. Back in 2000 when that idiot Bush was elected there was not this reaction by the left. Sure we thought he was a joke but I don't recall this much rage over his "election". We even let things go after that questionable Supreme Court decision (looking back now we may not have protested enough). Heck after 9/11 (before he prostituted American dead for his personal political gain) we actually got behind monkey boy and gave him our support. C'mon, right wing wackos, suck it up and get behind your president. If he starts to put white folks in concentration camps or tries to give my Xbox 360 to the poor kids down the block I'll protest with you but until then act like adults.

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