Thursday, November 06, 2008

Howdy From Charleston

This will be quick and sweet since I am in the lobby and don't want to hog the computer. I am at a librarian coference and have done some sightseeing. A few pictures to follow.

The city's famous bridge. It's beautiful

Me at the Battery. A great park at the southern tip of Charleston.
At the Battery

A sunset view of the city from across the river. Found this by accident, just driving around.
Charleston from Across the River

Fort Sumter. I think it's Fort Sumter. It was in the right spot.
Fort Sumter at Sunset

A panorama of a view of the city from across the river.
Pano of Charleston at Sunset

Melanie standing in front of the city at dusk.

So far this city has been really cool. It's small and easy to get around in and old. Lots of old buildings and it's been in the mid 70's for the last couple of days. I'd like to write more but don't want to hog the internet in a hotel full of librarians and a wifi network that is down. I'm surprised there isn't a line. They must be all out getting drunk.

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Unknown said...

If you want a good place to get a beer, check out Red's in Mt Pleasant. It's on the inlet, and has a huge crow's nest with couches, bar, etc...