Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Google Trends

Have you heard of Google trends? It's a way to see how popular search terms are on Google. You can even see how two or more terms compare. You can limit your search to region and by time. All of the searches below are for searches done on the United States of America.

Well, I see that Google trends has Obama dominating searching in the United States. Maybe that's a good sign. Does interest breed votes? You can view the chart for the last thirty days here.

This chart is sobering though. As you can see there is more interest in Obama and Muslim than McCain's age. Intriguing.

What is really encouraging is that in the last 12 months Obama has closed the gap between himself and free porn. Not only has he closed the gap but in the last couple of days he has actually passed free porn! Now that's power. I think it's interesting that John McCain has not yet topped free porn this month. If you can't beat free porn how can you hope to beat Obama? You can see here how badly Bush did against free porn in November of 2004. He peaked early but fell off at the end. Obama is peaking late which, if you ask a playoff bound coach of any team sport, is what you want to do.

As you can see by this chart that Jesus keeps a pretty steady search rate and and if this wasn't an election year he would be ahead. At least he is still beating the Beatles. Take that, John Lennon! Mr. Smartypants.

Most importantly you can see here that pizza delivery is kicking the snot out of frozen pizza.

On a More Serious Note

Google has an election map that you can here. It's interactive!

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