Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Google and Life Magazine Photos

If you do a search in Google Image Search and at the end of it tack on "source:life" you will be search Life Magazine's archive of photographs. It's awesome. Check out this cool shot of Ted Williams I found. Or this one of Mickey Mantle! I wonder why the picture of Mantle is round? Is it because of the lens used and the time period? Any photography geniuses out there? There is a similar picture from the same year and the same photographer of Ted Williams here. I also found this haunting picture of Babe Ruth at his last Yankee Stadium appearance. How about Marines in a land crafting heading towards Iwo Jima. You can see the islands distinct low profile with Mt. Suribachi on the left. Here's a shot of a kamikaze plane exploding in midair. Want to see football how it is meant to be played? I love this shot of Jack Benny and Mary Livingston holding their radio scripts. OK, one more, an aerial shot from 1948 of Detroit, MI. Dig the pollution in the background.

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