Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Paul McCartney's awesome new song

I had never heard of a project of electronic dance music by Paul and Youth called Fireman but you have got to hear this new song. Wow, every now and then Paul can still knock my socks off.

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Jim said...

I wasn't going to follow you into McCartneyland. As far as he is concerned, I've been away for over thirty years -- since the time I decided that the world had indeed had more than enough of silly fucking lovesongs. I was done -- actually had been for a good while. There was a radio station in San Francisco that played nothing but Beatles (1969); so I had learned to hate them and coming back east (1976) to hear the sound of flapping Wings was adding insult to injury.
So, though I've saved the links you sent, because you have shown me the error of my ways often enough, and just in case . . .
I have yet to open them. Time's a-wastin'
"Aw, Ed . . ." I said upon reading your post . . . I didn't want to be unkind, or wrong, or an asshole. That was before I listened.
OK! Converted -- red face and all.
Thanks again.