Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Panorama, 8th Hole at Revolution Golf Course

Panorama, 8th Hole at Revolution Golf Course
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Today I golfed alone for the first time. You know, it was fun. I think I golf better when no one is watching. I was playing well, hitting nice iron shots and this guy told me to play through. While he was watching I drove a ball into a creek and then topped the next one about twenty yards. I picked my balls up and just passed him by and went on to the next hole.

While waiting for a foursome in front of me to finish putting I took this panorama of the 8th hole at Revolution. Revolution is closing on November 1st for renovations so go now if you want to play there before 2009. I was told by the guy at the front desk they are going to redo five holes and add a new clubhouse. That's pretty exciting. A little extra work and Revolution could be an awesome place to play golf rather than just a really nice place to play golf. In fact, it would be perfect right now if a few holes were a little longer and the grounds were better taken care of.

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