Sunday, October 05, 2008

Palin says dishonest shitty things

I'm sorry, I've kept the language under control here recently but after what Palin said recently she is a liar and fear mongerer and not worthy to serve this country as a member of the federal government. Politics is a dirty business but the McCain people right now are really slingin' the shit.

Watch this video below if you can stand it. Some right winger whackos compare Obama's popularity to that of fascist dictators but if you listen to the simplistic and dishonest steaming pile of shit that Palin dishes up here you can see who uses the language of the fascists. Mind you, I'm not calling her a fascist but she is using fascist rhetoric. Country first and mindless chants.

Another thing the right wing is doing is calling Obama "the Chosen One" and deriding the passion that some have for him. I know he's just another politician and he doesn't rile up any kind of great passion or give me the "audacity of hope" but I'll never vote for a politician or a political party whose main strategy is attack, attack, attack with little thought for how it poisons the country's political discussions. I'm not a strict liberal Democratic voter but I'll vote Democrat until the Republicans stop nuzzling the nuts of the nutjobs.

She is supposed to be a leader. She could be one heartbeat, as they say, from the presidency of the United States. She, in so many words, called Obama an enemy of the United States. That is not statesmanship, that is not the what I look for in a leader. We've already had an administration that vilifies political opponents. You don't treat or portray political opponents like enemies. It's shockingly irresponsible.

Those that do close readings of this blog will notice that I changed some of the wording of this post. A friend pointed out that I had stooped to name calling and was behaving no better than the person using the politics of fear. I understand now what he means. He is my sensei, my moral compass, the Skipper to my Gilligan. What I should have originally said was not that Palin was a piece of shit but that everything that comes out of her mouth is shit.


Straight Talk on McCain said...

If Palin wants to bring this up, she really needs to be careful. One of the people who McCain pals around with is G. Gordon Liddy, who was involved in the Watergate scandal and admitted in his autobiography to plotting to kill people. Oh, and on his radio show, he instructed people on the best way to kill government agents.

Jim said...

Give up on describing her. There is no language offensive enough to do that.