Saturday, October 04, 2008

Noisy bastards

If there isn't a city ordinance that says you may not mow your lawn before 9 am on a Saturday then there should as hell should be. Of course this takes place at the house a few down where a certain someone spends way too much time on his lawn. Dude, go watch Fox News before I break out my BB gun.


Darth Sillious said...

My personal rule is to wait until 11 to mow or snowblow on a weekend. However, once upon a time, I found work in construction and had a run in with an irate neighbor because I was drilling holes at 8 on a Sunday morning. I found the legal time for noisemaking is sunrise to sunset.

Abc said...

DH has mowed at 8 am on a weekend as retaliation for our drunken arsehole neighbors >:) But we're mean like that.

Unknown said...

There's an old man behind me that fires up his mower a few times a week in his back yard...just for the hell of it. The thing is, he has NO GRASS at all in his super shaded back yard. He just runs it over sticks, twigs and acorns. So annoying. And he always does it in the morning.