Friday, October 10, 2008

My New Hero

Melanie a food network junkie. Sometimes I get suckered into watching it too. There is some good programming on there. That show about the kooks that make fancy cakes is pretty good. Recently I have watched full episodes of the show called "Good Eats" hosted by the very funny and knowledgeable Alton Brown. I like how he does his show, he focuses on one aspect of cookery and shows all the variations of it. He's done a show on how to use pepper and a full show on different ways you can prepare steak. The reason he is now my hero is because of the show he did on popcorn. He has a recipe called "Perfect Popcorn" and it's the first recipe I have ever attempted that I saw on television. It works, it works great. I recommend, and so does Alton, that you don't use butter on your popcorn. There is a video on the Food Network website of Alton Brown making his perfect popcorn. You can view that here.

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Kevni said...

My old lady also likes the food network. She doesn't get a lot of recipes from there, in fact she really doesn't use recipes, she just sort of knows what each food needs to make it taste good. But I digress... Tina picks up on techniques from those shows, not much different than when she was a rugrat and sat on the counter watching her Grandma or Aunt cook. She is a great cook, that's how I got fat! Beware living with a good cooking woman will make you fat.