Thursday, October 23, 2008


Wow, Obama must be really scaring the right because Drudge has resorted to pointing out that Obama is having construction done in preparation for election night and has also linked to a video of Obama sneezing with a headline that says "Obama sneeze on reporter". As you can clearly see below he sneezes into his hand. I've always thought Drudge was a hack. All he does is attach misleading headlines to stories written by working reporters. His only redeeming value since the Monica Lewinsky scandal has been his talent for finding embarrassing pictures of Hillary Clinton. I've wondered many times how many hours a day he scans the internet in search of unflattering pictures of Hillary Clinton.

Obama Sneezes into his own Hand, the Right Goes Crazy


Tina said...

That's just dumb (the right going crazy, that is).

I prefer that people don't sneeze into their hands because you know they are bound to touch something before getting to wash their hands. Sneeze into your shoulder or the crook of your arm Obama ;)

Kevin said...

So this guy pals around with terrorists, has anti american views AND spreads germs? Get a rope.